About Us

"P.P. Shri Dhyanyogi's simple, pure love and devotion to the welfare of mankind changed the hearts and the lives of the thousands of people he touched. "P.P. Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas was a great saint, whose search for spiritual enlightenment took place during another era, in an India that no longer exists. He walked barefoot across India in the 1890's and early 1900's, through what were then jungles but are now cleared and settled lands, meeting saints who lived in seclusion, completely detached from the mundane world.

Born in Bihar, India, P.P. Shri Dhyanyogi was a very spiritual child. Prior to his birth, his mother had had a vision of Lord Krishna indicating the coming of a great being. His spiritual quest began in earnest at age 7, when he left home in search of God. Although he was quickly found by his parents, he left home again for good at age 13.