About Us

Dhyanadhyama is a subtle experiment. Such a realization in the Triveni Sangam of gravitational power, the power of Narmadaji, and the Radical Power ascribed to the Shayantra, awakens the Divine Power of Prayaga created by the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna within us. BC Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa used to say that water is pervasive everywhere but when thirsty we do not sit down to dig wells. We walk along the shore of a well, a river or a lake. That is how Paramatma is everywhere. But the saints, with their vitality, focus on this power by creating a monastery, temple, so that the incoming one experiences immense peace and divinity. At such a divine place, the sadhana person gets the sadhana's genetic fruit very quickly. As the mango pitcher waits for more than ten years, hoping for its fruit. But by planting the mango pulp, the fruit begins to grow within two years as it comes only after maturity of the mango pulp. The saints, like the saints in their life-saints, implanted divinity like a pulse of radius. The experience here is unbeatable so if everyone who comes here for half an hour in this divine practice keeps an eye closed, the experienced will solve every question. Awareness of the power of Kundali by Gurudev Shaktipat, the same work was done by P.P. Shri Anandima is doing so that most of the traveler on the path of self-sufficiency gets accomplished. "Come sit and feel."