Social Activities

Dhyanidham hosts a weekly free medical clinic and weekend medical camps that bring needed treatment, medicines, and relief of pain and suffering to the residents of the local villages.


We continue P.P. Shri Dhyanyogiji's commitment that every child have the chance to receive an education by providing local children with basic resources like good shoes to protect them from thorns and hot roads on their way to school, and notebooks. We are creating a scholarship fund for students who show academic promise but do not have the means to continue education at the college level.


At Dhyanidham, we work with neighboring ashrams to provide food for the hungry mouths of the pilgrims who pass by as they circumambulate the 800-mile Narmada River. The pilgrimage is intense and significantly trims away past karma. Feeding those who are performing this austerity is an extremely powerful charity. As the pilgrims' pangs of hunger are satisfied by an offered meal, God pours spiritual blessings on the donor. You will actually share in the benefit of walking around the holy river as the pilgrim eats a morsel of food prepared through your loving devotion.


According to yogic tradition, cows represent the aspect of motherhood in nature and are central to the cycle of nourishing creation. The cow eats grass and produces milk. From her milk, we make ghee, the clarified butter used to light lamps used in spiritual practice. The food cycle is completed when the cows produce the fertilizer for the grass. We keep cows at the ashram both for their milk and for their essential positive energy.


Offering food and clothing to the needy in the name of our deceased ancestors helps our ancestors' spiritual evolution and can significantly negate the karmic bondage that inhibits our own growth. In the near future, we will be performing shraddh--the ceremony for the benefit of ancestors--at Dhyanidham once a year, on the last day of the Indian month called Bhadrapad. You may give a donation with the request that we make an offering in the name of your ancestors.


Charity is a part of spiritual practice. It is our duty and dharma to support the needs of others through donations of food, clothing, medical services and shelter. Fulfilling this duty not only serves those who receive our gifts, it helps us as well. And charity that supports the spiritual evolution of another soul is the most beneficial of all.

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