Brahnamd and Pinda are not any different. The same energy that created the universe. The macrocosm- The Maha Kundalini also created every human body in the fetus the kundalini. After conception the creation of the brain and spinal column follows after the subtle body of chakras pranna, nadis etc is created.

Shree Yantra and Kundalini Maha Yoga

The uniqueness and beauty of Indian spirituality and philosophy lies in the fact that it has created the environment for each and every type of mind to search and identify the self. Under the broad spectrum of bhakti, gnyana and yoga all paths are established. For those who mind pursuing the ultimate through signs and symbols, the aspects of mathematics, geometry etc. The science of yantra was evolved by the rushis. Among all the yantras the Shri Yantra is accepted and known to be the super most. But why? The scriptures state that in god's creation the ultimate creation within HIS creation in the human being. He created man in HIS own image. Each human is a walking universe. All aspects in creation are present within human body. The 6 chakras after sahastrar- The Anja, Vishudha, Anahat, Manipur, Swadhisthan and mooladhar correspond to the elements of mind, space, air, fire, water and earth. After this formation the kundilini becomes dormant at the base of the spine. This is a very same cycle of external creation of the physical universe. The human body is maha shri yantra. Just as very person has a physical and subtle body similarly the yantra is the subtle body of the devi or devta. Shri yantra is subtle of divine mother. The worship of external shri yantra serve simply as a tool to activate the true inner shri yantra that can unite the kundalini with Shiva and the Sahastrar. This is the union of Jiva nd Shiva. The chakras of the shri yantra correspond to that of the Sat Chakras in the following way:

Shri Chakra
Sat Chakra
Bindu Anja
Trikona Lambica
Astakona- 8 traingles Vishudha
First Dash-Kona 10 traingles Anahat
Second Dash-Kona Manipur
14 Traingles Swadhisthan
8 patels Mooladhar
16 patles Vishuva
Bhupur Akul

Externally a person can worship the shriyantra as prescribed in the scriptures and at the same point through grace and individual effort the external physical interaction will lead to the subtle within the persons own body bring union of Jiva and Shiva. The external Tripura Sundari will then act through her subtle form as kundalini through the person of Laya-dissolution of all the elements leading to the final unian. This is a long process of years or life times. If however based on one's previous Sansharas the grace and love of an enlightened Guru enters one life then through shaktipat, the kundalini can be awakened in an instant and years & lives of effort can be reduced tremendously. After the kundalini id awakened it pierces the chakras and finally unites with shiva at the sahastrar. Thus the soul's journey ends with the state of Moksha- Liberation. Through surrender and efforts the mother kundalini will lead the person through all the steps and to final union. In this way the chakras of the shri yantra and sat chakras of the human body are interconnected, interdependent and interrelated. They can not be treated as separated aspects of mother. Just as each soul in the physical body is connected through a subtle, the shri yantra is just a physical part of subtle energy of the adishakti- The Tripura - The Kundalini.